It is a disease that affects the vision of one or both eyes, is progressive and is potentially capable of developing blindness. Fifty years ago, the diagnosis of glaucoma was considered very serious because it was very possible to lose vision, due to the fact that there was no effective treatment to control the disease. Today, diagnosing glaucoma is very different. We can say that identifying the early signs of the disease and treating it properly can save vision.

¿Cuáles son las causas?

High intraocular pressure is the main triggering sign of glaucoma and should be monitored immediately; the patient may have no symptoms and still have elevated intraocular pressure. The pressure is only measured in the ophthalmologist ‘s office using a very special device. It is not the same as blood pressure.

¿Cuál es el tratamiento?

Many possible treatments are now available to control the pressure in the eye and this greatly reduces the possibility of blindness. There is treatment in drops for daily application, there are lasers that lower the pressure and are applied occasionally, there is surgery that controls it and implants that when placed also control glaucoma. And, unfortunately, there are also some patients who are very difficult to manage or who arrive too late for diagnosis. It is important to consider that, when the eye has already been damaged, there is no way to reverse the deterioration, and patients eventually lose their vision irretrievably.

This is why we recommend that from the age of 40 onwards, everyone should have an annual check-up. Thus we can find the early manifestations of this and other diseases.

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